Every now and then there are interesting, exciting events in which we participate, or which we organize ourselves.

Here you can find an overview of the reports on these events.

  • Hands-on science
    A travelogue about the excursion of kosmos-os to the ZARM Center for Applied Space Technology and Microgravity and to the Universum Bremen on April 13, .2024
  • Special honour for Dr. Gerold Holtkamp by the AAVSO
    The American Association AAVSO has now honored Dr. Gerold Holtkamp for his achievements as an amateur astronomer in the field of observation and measurement of variable stars and exoplanets.
  • Sternstunden on January 19th, 2024 on the Vosslinke at Osnabrück's Piesberg
    The Sternstunden of January 19, 2024 are described. 23 visitors gathered on the Vosslinke on Piesberg to look into space. Moon, Jupiter, Orion and Andromeda Nebula, there was a lot to see.
  • Cold feet and clammy hands during astrophotography – that was yesterday
    There are many garden observatories used by amateur astronomers and almost as many different concepts that are followed in their construction and operation. That's why it's always worth visiting such an observatory.
  • "Sternstunde" with Planets
    A "Sternstunde" is described, which is regularly offered by kosmos-os.de as so-called sidewalk astronomy. Although Osnabrück is heavily lightpolluted interesting observations of the sky were made.
  • Observation of the sun at the event "Offenes Gartentor"
    On selected dates throughout the year, private gardens in Osnabrück and the surrounding area open their gates to give visitors a glimpse into their private green paradises. Such an "open garden gate" is also a good opportunity to present the most important factor for greenery and bloom – our sun!
  • On The Moon Again 2023
    Since 2019, astronomers in over 60 countries around the world have been commemorating the first moon landing in 1969 every year. We have been involved from the very beginning and support this project. At our "On The Moon Again" events, we show the moon to all interested parties and share our fascination for astronomy.