Here we would like to present the reports of our aurora sightings:

  • Northern lights above Europe
    It was a special night from May 10th to 11th, 2024. Northern lights could be seen all over Europe. We didn't miss the impressive spectacle. In the article, the seven observers from kosmos-os are linked via a map showing their locations. Everyone reports his recordings and some videos on his own page. A short text reflects his own special experience.
  • Aurora above Icker
    The forecasts for the sighting of Northern Lights promised a lot. And quite unusual for these latitudes lately: the weather should play along. I wanted to observe together with our kosmos-os colleague Gerold Holtkamp. The observation site had not yet been determined. But here in Icker in the district of Osnabrück it is dark, no light in sight. So we decided to stay here and observed in front of the house and later in the garden
  • Aurora above Alsace, France
    On the evening of the tenth of May, messages from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) came practically every minute, reporting the ever-increasing Kp index. Time to take a closer look at the sky, although at 48° North you can rarely see auroras. And yes, there was a reddish-violet, barely perceptible shimmer in the night sky visible to the naked eye. So the noble drink was put aside and the camera was set up.
  • Northern lights obove Dissen
    At around 9:00 p.m. on May 10th, 2024, I simply placed an Allsky camera in the garden and had it recorded overnight. The best of the approximately 800 photos are shown here. At the same time, I observed the Northern Lights with my naked eyes.
  • Aurora above Offelten
    At first I was quite disappointed by all the auroras, because it was very bright in the north and you could only see a few red auroras without structures. In addition, there was a thin layer of altostratus clouds.
  • Aurora above Buxton, Peak District, UK
    On the evening of May 10th, we were standing with the camper at the campsite near Buxton in the Peak District in England. Since it was reasonably clear I looked up at nightfall to do some astrophotography with the Seestar.
  • Northern lights obove Achmer
    Since I have been dealing with the topic of astronomy, there have been promising forecasts for the northern lights over Germany from time to time. So far, however, I have never had any success with it in this country, neither visually nor photographically. Until now.
  • Northern lights obove the Osnabrück region
    In recent years I have experienced a number of northern lights on my trips to the Arctic Circle*. However, when the first warning messages from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) arrived by email on May 9th, announcing a Kp value of 8 for May 11th and 12th, I knew that something special was coming. Northern lights over the Osnabrück region. I had never experienced that before!
  • The northern light dances in the Arctic Circle
    The report describes what has to be taken into account for successful sightings of the northern lights. In addition, factors that cannot be influenced, such as the weather and the space weather, are also mentioned. Recordings and videos of the northern lights are shown. In addition, numerous sources are listed for more detailed information.
  • Aurora over Iceland
    A trip to Iceland from March 23rd - 31st, 2022 is reported. The island is almost on the Arctic Circle and is therefore very suitable for observing the northern lights. However, many factors have to be favorable to be successful. The weather and therefore the cloud density are important factors. Of course, there is also the fact that enough solar wind must arrive on Earth to produce the luminous phenomena.
  • Green sea at the Arctic Circle    
    At night all cats are grey. But that doesn't apply near the Arctic Circle, when bright northern lights bathe everything in a green glow. You can see this with your own eyes.