The impressive comet C/2020 F3 Neowise

2020.07.11. / 13. Dr. Gerold Holtkamp

A bright comet doesn't appear in the sky very often. We may have to wait another decade or more. Comet Neowise was an impressive sight in the sky! Why was a comet in earlier times a sign of coming disaster when it is actually just beautiful?

Comet Neowise turned out to be brighter than expected. Even though the midnight twilight in our latitudes did not allow for black skies, the hunt for this fast messenger from space was promising. Since it is light for a long time in July, you either had to stay up late or get up very early. Luckily the weather cooperated on several days. The location of the recordings was the urban area of ​​Osnabrück.

A little low on the horizon for city dwellers, but still easy to see.

Even a snapshot out the window was impressive..

A comet is and remains an unusual sight.