The Cirrus Nebula in Swan

Dr. Gerold Holtkamp, 27.8.2023

On WHAT 2023 (Westhavelländer Astrotreffen) we of kosmos-os were pretty unlucky with the weather. It was sufficiently clear just on two out of seven nights. One of these was the last night of August 20/21, 2023. It could have been a good night of observation. But the autoguiding (fine tracking) could not be stably connected to the mount. The reason …. unknown until today.

Of course I was “ambitious”. The night of August 22/23, 2023 should remain clear again, but in Osnabrück. The observation setup was the same as on WHAT, and…. everything worked fine all night. This resulted in a total exposure time of over four hours.

The Cirrus Nebula is an emission and reflection nebula in the constellation Cygnus. The captured area is around NGC 6960 with adjacent star 52 Cygni and NGC 6979. In this star-studded area, this multicolored structure is a very appealing object. The Cirrus Nebula is about 2400 light-years from Earth. These structures are remnants of a supernova that took place about 8000 years ago. However, the data in the literature vary greatly.

More information about the Cirrus Nebula: