Our campaign "Sternstunden“ includes guided tours of the sky at various locations in the Osnabrück region. Information about the constellations, individual astronomical objects, celestial phenomena or current events is given. If it is feasible, we often bring a telescope with us, which then focuses on the target objects.

Our participants need nothing but curiosity and interest. If you want, you are welcome to bring your own binoculars or telescope.

Depending on the season and astronomical situation, we then embark on a journey through the sky above us and look at the exciting objects that have a lot to offer.

Whenever possible, the Moon, planets, constellations, asterisms, double stars and perhaps distant galaxies become the target of our exploration...

You don't know what asterisms are? We'll clarify that at the next "Sternstunden" event...

Very important for all outdoor observations: Warm clothing!

You can find dates for our "Sternstunden" here