It is always a pleasure to see how fascinated people look at the starry sky when you supply the information about what can be found where and what fascinating objects can be discovered.

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Our event "Sternstunden"…

That's why we regularly offer our campaign "Sternstundensky tours in and around Osnabrück in which, with or without a telescope or binoculars, the starry sky, constellations, the moon or even the planets are presented.

Discover the stars above Osnabrück!

Informations and dates to our „Sternstunden“ and other activities are given here: Schedule .

On The Moon Again – event 2023

In addition, we also participate in the annual lunar observations as part of the On The Moon Again events.

Inside the planetarium Osnabrück

In addition to that Achim works at the Planetarium Osnabrück at the Museums am Schölerberg and presents shows and the starry sky using the impressive 8 meter dome.

The 1.12m Newtonian telescope at the Expo Observatory

Achim is also team member of the Expo-Sternwarte in Melle where he offers sky tours with the impressive 1.12 m Newtonian telescope – by the way, one of the world's largest amateur telescopes. A visit to the observatory is always worthwhile! The schedule can be seen here or an appointment can be done via telephone +49 5422 6049858.